Gibson Les Paul Junior – 1959 sunburst Singlecut

The Gibson Les Paul Junior was the least expensive model in the gibson les paul range, but for a lot of people this basic package is tone wise the most. Besides the stripped down appearance this model has the same materials (Honduras mahogany with Brazilian rosewood fretboard) and build quality as the top end Gibson models from the 50ties.

“The Les Paul Junior is the best guitar Gibson ever made. First off, it’s got the best pickup, the P90. The P90 destroys the Gibson humbucker. It’s got everything! It’s dirty and it roars, but it’s got this amazing open sound. You can even back off the volume and it sounds almost like an acoustic guitar. For my money a Junior through an AC30, or maybe a Selmer is the ultimate.”

Clive Brown (UK’s most respected refinish expert)

This particular model is one of the last Single-cut model’s build in 1959, rings like a bell and is resonant beyond believe. The condition of the guitar is:

  • excellent condition except some light belt buckle wear
  • jumbo refret for maximum playability
  • tuners and knobs are reissue’s
  • the tailpiece is a compensated one from the 6oties
  • brown original hard case with 4 latches from the fifties (handle not original)

In the current market condition I think with a little luck you can buy a player grade guitar with some parts changed in the 4.000 Euro range. Depending on the personal taste the question whether to buy a Single-cut or Double-cut model.

“Single-cuts are the killer lead players. Double-cuts are the real punk guitars – they just rip through”

Phil Harris – player,collector and rent-a-vintage-guitar specialist

Additional information concerning Gibson Les Paul Junior’s: